COBie Fact or Fiction. Part 1.

 Bill East
 Lean Handover Production and Consulting

As the inventor of COBie, I have gotten a lot of feedback! While I’ve tried to tell the accurate story, and invested man-years of effort to do so, what comes back to me is often not correct. So I have a question for you, "Do you have the right story?"

Let's test your knowledge about COBie. Here are ten true/false questions for you to answer.

  1. COBie is a spreadsheet? True/False
  2. IFC Replaces COBie? True/False
  3. COBie is an MVD? True/False
  4. COBie is BIM Level 2 True/False
  5. LoD defines BIM quality? True/False
  6. COBie requires BIM? True/False
  7. Embedded Carbon Analysis is within COBie’s Scope? True/False
  8. Life-Cycle Costing is within COBie’s Scope? True/False
  9. Installed equipment lists are with COBie’s Scope? True/False
  10. “ie” are my initials? True/False

If you have answers to these questions it is most likely that you have actually read the US National BIM Standard, Version 3, Chapter 4.2 COBie, and the associated Annexes. If you've not obtained a free copy of the COBie standard yourself, then let's talk about what we call in the US, the "telephone game."

The telephone game is the one, where kids sit in a circle and the first child tells a story to their neighbor. The story goes around the circle from neighbor to neighbor. As each tells the story, it changes slightly until it’s a different story when it comes back to the start.

The way we all get information about new things is often like this. People want to get their information is from a trusted source - someone they know. Perfectly acceptable and correct, of course! It almost always works…. But, given the swirl of technology and pace of change we all face, is the guy who sits next to you, or down the road, really the best source of information about COBie? Maybe so, but more likely they know just one more thing about COBie than you do. So there you go, another instant COBie expert is hatched, and the message is changed again!

If you don’t want to take the time to figure out what all that it means you can look at my free videos or take a classes where I test your knowledge for real @ The COBie Academy.

Published July 2016