Level 2 is Dead, Long Live Level 3!

 Bill East
 Lean Handover Production and Consulting

"77% of respondents are either not generating a COBie deliverable, or not aware of it" according the University of Salford analysis cited below.

In what field would a 23% positive result be considered "success"?

Despite the failure of the UK mandate to achieve anything even approaching a critical mass, the blog-o-sphere takes the perspective of, "Level 2 is dead, long live Level 3!" Claiming success by moving-on to next target is a page directly from the bureaucracy 101 training manual. Believe me, after working for the US Army for 35 years, I know how a bureaucracy thinks!

How has this low performance occurred on a widely publicized national UK govt. program? In my view, the trouble is that any broad mandate will be unable to provide a single, clear signal of intent. This is because a broad mandate, by necessity, requires the inclusion of tangential (and often confusing or conflicting) requirements.

What is needed to achieve Level 2 in the UK, is not to say "wait for the next version, we will have all the bugs out," but to laser-focus on the fundamentals. To focus on the need that the data delivered must match that shown on contract drawings. Until that essential basis is achieved, no transformation of our industry to any "Level" that we want to dream up will be possible.

What we need today are tools that work and people who are trained to use them. Let's stop the hype and do the work to get data=drawings using COBie.

Published August 2016