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Most of us want COBie to work without having to figure it out. Experience shows, however, that products may not always work as expected. Testing the results yourself is the only way to know for sure.

Prairie Sky Consulting has been testing software for over a decade -- since we invented the COBie standard. Need help with testing your software or process?
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Here is our world-class team of experienced, knowledgable, and dedicated architects and engineers working to move COBie into hands-on pratice (in alphabetical order):

Bill East Prairie Sky Consulting Program Manager
Emma Hooper METZ Architects Revit - 60% Architectural
Craig Hardingham MLM Group Revit - Structural
Rob Jackson Bond Bryan Digital ARCHICAD - 30% Architectural
Shawn O'Keeffe &
Richard Kenna
MMA Environmental Revit - All Engineering Models


Initial COBie Challenge events used models too small to rigourously test capability or too large to complete. Now, the inventor of COBie has teamed with architects and engineers to develop a new test building, the East Dormitory.

The overall project is to design, build, and operate four small dormitories on a fictous site adjacent to the University of Illinois, in Champaign, Illinois, USA. Our test includes one of these four buildings - the "East Dormitory." The design is based on standard concept drawings provided by the United States Government.

Iterative testing between team and software developers helps you capture and use COBie data as an integral part of typical design and construction process. Our recomendations have already found thier way into commercial software.

Verficiation testing uses the open-source COBie QC Repoter and COBie Plugin. These tools have been used as the basis for all NBIMS-US COBie testing to date. Chris Bogen and Bill East created these tools using the open-source platform developed by Leon van Berlo and his team at TNO.

For more information on these tools see our book COBie Quality Control.


You may freely present, use, adapt, or change the "East Dormitory Project" data set for any lawful purpose provided that you:

  1. refer people to this web page to obtain the files,
  2. don't redistribute the files yourself,
  3. include the license below when publically using the files, and
  4. share updates to these files using this same license.

The required license is as follows:

2016-7 East Dormitory Project Files by Prairie Sky Consulting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

East Dormitory Test Files

Early Design (30%) Files

Architectural Design Files (Jun-2016)
Structural Design Files (Jun-2016)

Construction Documents Design (90%) Files

Architectural Design Files (Aug-2017)
Structural Design Files (Sep-2017)
HVAC Design Files (Aug-2017)
Electrical Design Files (Aug-2017)
Plumbing Design Files (Jul-2017)
HVAC Controls Design Files (Jul-2017)
Fire Protection Design Files (Jul-2017)
Security System Design Files (Aug-2017)
Federated Design Files (coming Sep-2017)
  • Native Software File
  • COBie XLSX File (.XLSX)
  • COBie QC File (.HTML)
  • Coordination MVD File (.IFC)

Construction Files

60% Construction Complete (coming 2018)
  • COBie-Formatted Submittal Forms
  • Consolidated COBie File
  • COBie QC Report
  • Interative Floor Plan
  • COBie eBook