Better Information Management (BIM) with COBie

COBie 4 Contractors 

Today, interns stand at the copier or scanner for months making O & M manuals. Why not collect that information with improved submittal and install processes that automatically capture handover data.

Paper boxes in boiler rooms replaced by COBie.

Our COBie production services meet COBie specs and show you how to implement Lean Handover on every subsequent job.

COBie 4 Owners 

Your employees must re-enter "3 Ring-Binder Compliant" handover information every day. Why not get exactly what you need, up-front without transcribing -- before you take occupancy?

Shelves full of O&M manuals replaced by COBie.

Use the COBie Score Card to get real-time asset and handover information, across your entire facility life-cycle. Learn how to spec and check your data.

BIM 4 Information Managers 

Standards-based workflows with systems integration enabling facilities management to become a strategic asset not an overhead line item. Or "Shoebox Compliant BIM", really it's up to you...

A BIM repository in a shoebox.

In 2015 we completed a CIO-level work flow analysis aimed at replacing a moribund document management with real-time asset awareness.

Education & Training 

Don't know where to start? Can't quite see the big picture? Did you get some nice colored charts from your consultant, but no actual help?

Learn COBie from its inventor at The COBie Academy. Dr. East answers your most difficult questions and personally grades your assignments. High quality on-line education you can take anytime, from anywhere.

Need something more specific? Prairie Sky Consulting also offers the following:

  • high-impact keynotes
  • lean handover workshops
  • industry webinars
  • academic lectures
  • books and industry analysis
  • sponsored publications
  • free YouTube shorts

In partnership with your company and local association and university we can develop a package of workshop sessions combined with private consultations to get you started with lean handover workflows.

"IE" Standards 

Need pragmatic Information Exchange solutions? You've come to the right place! COBie only took a year. COBie was in commercial software in two.

NBIMS-US Information Exchange standards.

Dr. East led the COBie, HVACie, Sparkie, WSie, BAMie, LCie, and SPie. In less than a decade, these specifications are in national standards and contracts around the world.

Prairie Sky Consulting works around the globe to help understand information exchange requirements and recommend best-practice approaches, using appropriate standards, to actually solve real-world problems.

In 2015 Dr. East assisted Swinburne University to identify and recommend infrastructure information management requirements and standards to New Zealand and Australia. (Hint: NOT IFC!)

Strategy & Testing 

What COBie value proposition leads customers to your door? Expand market share with COBie? Ask us, we have extensive experience in developing strategy for next-generation products and services.

East Dormitory project.

In Review COBie for ARCHICAD: A Hands-On Guide with Rob Jackson

Ready to test your product and service? We use the latest Dormitory model and NBIMS-US V3 COBie Standard procedures with free, open-source software - and show you how to do it!

This is not academic testing with small, sample files, this workflow testing with real project data so you can produce and/or consume COBie data when push comes to shove.